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But who are you, and why should you subscribe? — that’s the real question. You are a business professional acting as a strategist, a project leader, a technology, marketing, or operations leader, consultant — you are a change agent and innovator. You also want to your advance your career. You are a lifelong learner with curiosity and motivation to continuously advance your tradecraft with frameworks, techniques, and tools for developing innovative concepts, solving problems, and collaborating with others. (You also might be able to expense the fee for this newsletter as a “professional development” expense.)

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The Digital Leader Newsletter is a weekly coaching session with practical theory, examples, tools, and techniques to help you build better strategies, better plans, better solutions — but most of all to think and communicate better. You’ll be able to follow up with me on questions and advice.

We will explore a wide variety of topics and techniques ranging from customer centricity, problem-solving and idea development for innovation, communication and framing approaches, leadership principles and techniques, value proposition design, and business model development. It’s a graduate degree in innovation.

About John Rossman: Advisor on Leadership, Innovation, and Growth. ex-Amazon leader -- played a senior role in launching and scaling the Amazon marketplace. Author- The Amazon Way book series. Keynote speaker. Business Advisor. Dad.

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